The new year steps in with a wonderful fireworks display watched by thousands along the Thames river embankment and from the roof tops of London, this famous capital of England and new multicultural capital of the world, London has a history to rival that of any other city in Europe.

London is one of the most powerful cities in the modern era, and the ancient heartland of the British Empire, there can be no mistaking the historical landmarks in this architecturally stunning region, based on the Thames River.

Famous landmarks line the streets of London and tourists are traditionally spoilt for choice by the admirable history on show. Buckingham Palace, which occasionally houses the Queen, can be viewed and enjoyed in all its glory. Expect to find the palace swarmed with tourists during midday when the changing of the guards takes place.

London is a popular destination for tourism it is supported by five airports, with one of the busiest in the world – London Heathrow Airport. The transport system is second to none with famous the Double Decker buses operating the crowded streets, it operates a vast underground network connecting all the major tourist attractions, museums, attractive gardens and parks.

The sheer scale of attractions makes London a particularly great location for those who enjoy being in the thick of a vibrant and versatile lifestyle. The city has traditionally been a key landscape for aspiring musicians and the variety of theatres makes for equal influence on the stage. Visitors can traditionally find some of the very best talent on the circuit cropping up in the famous West End.

World famous bands mark down London as a key destination, and indeed, many great bands have come from London itself.


The Houses of Parliament are also a hugely popular destination with regular activity from the highest politicians in Britain making it a key location in the landscape of the country. The history dates back to the seventeenth century when Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the building.  His legendary plan was de-railed at the last possible moment and Bonfire Night was born.

Tales of intrigue are evident all over the city and the Tower of London is another popular location. Famous dungeons where torture and executions were the norm hundreds of years ago are accessible on creepy tours.

Running through the centre of the city is the River Thames, one of the oldest in Europe and a divider between the two main parts of the city. Boat rides are possible down this famous winding stretch, and tourists will love the various landmarks on display from the riverside. None are more evident than the huge London Eye. Constructed at the turn of the millennia, the grand wheel whisks visitors in to the sky where some truly incredible views are possible of the sprawling city. London is also a key location for annual sporting events. It provides locations for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the national stadium of England, Lords Cricket ground and the historical London Marathon, and of course the new Wembley Stadium.

The night life is traditionally acclaimed and serves up some of the very finest cuisine on British shores, along with some of the trendiest bars. Celebrities can regularly be found gathering for movie premiers in Leicester Square and the fashionable Oxford Street will satisfy even the hardest-to-please shopaholic.

London is truly a city for everybody. With endless attractions and a healthy stream of high profile music and theatre performances, it will continue to reign as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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